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About underdog heroes

Underdog Heroes aims to break the bully breed stereotypes by advocating and speaking up for the innocent souls who have no voice. They provide education on dog psychology along with training and rehabilitation, prior to transitioning to a loving forever home.

Underdog Heroes remains active in the dog’s care and assists their community of fosters and adopters with continued training and guidance.

Underdog Heroes believes that our energy is a universal language among all species. When our rescued canines improve from degradation to elevation, they understand, appreciate, and love unconditionally despite the suffering they have endured. And it is this love, that drives them forward in their mission to help them heal.

Anyone who has experienced a trauma knows the road to healing is a process that takes time. They prioritize helping their rescued dogs trust humans again, through safe love, and PAWsitive contact; while respecting their boundaries and allowing them adequate time to decompress before being adopted into their forever homes.

"The dogs are the heroes, we adopt and love them, but they rescue us!"

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Meet the Founder: Shoshi Gamliel

I have devoted my heart and soul to my dog rescue passion. I believe my lifelong mission is to protect our furry friends who are unable to speak for themselves.Problems such as overbreeding for financial gain, lack of spay/neuter rates, untreated medical conditions, and overall neglect and abuse have fueled my desire to nurture and defend these animals at all costs.

You can help me affect change by adopting, fostering, volunteering, or donating and educating the public on these important issues. Due to shelter overpopulation and the 30-day average Euthanasia policies in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties, the situation has become untenable. These animals deserve kindness, compassion, and safety.

The harsh reality is we may never break the cycle of cruelty, but we can raise awareness and make an impact!

  • Juju

    Juju is a delightful 5-year-old female Saint Bernard with a heart full of love. Juju's charming personality and gentle nature make her an absolute joy to be around.

  • Osa

    Osa is a courageous and resilient miniature pinscher who has overcome tremendous odds. At around 2 years old, Osa found herself on death row at a high kill shelter, along with her two precious puppies. Covered in mange and facing an uncertain future, Osa's journey took a drastic turn. In an effort to save her life and improve her quality of life, Osa underwent a surgery that removed her eyes.

  • Max

    Meet Max, the sweetest 1.5 year old male pit bull/ American bully mix with a heart of gold. Maxs sweet and loving nature make him an absolute joy to be around. He has mastered the art of potty training, crate training, and is currently mastering leash training, making him a reliable and well-behaved companion.

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