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This all-purpose barrier repair balm and skin shield is excellent for post-peel and laser treatments, in addition to soothing extra dry or itchy skin, chapped lips, or skin irritated by rashes, scrapes, insect bites, and small burns. Infused with live yeast cell derivatives that promote cell renewal and collagen synthesis.


Bisabolol: A natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient that is obtained from chamomile. Helps accelerate the healing process of the skin and can be used on sensitive skin.

Shea Butter: A skin conditioning ingredient that is well known for its moisturizing, protecting, and healing properties. Soothes damaged skin, promotes cell regeneration, and assists in circulation.

Vitamin B: This anti-inflammatory promotes wound healing and is a skin moisturizer.

Petrolatum: Helps prevent moisture loss and forms an occlusive barrier on the skin to assist in recovery from damage and reduce inflammation.

Yeast Beta Glucan: Moisturizing, nourishing, and healing. Vitamin A Ester: Free radical scavenger. Increases epidermal thickness.

How to Use

Apply nightly as last step for regimen on postchemical
treatment and post-laser skin, and on very dry skin.


I noticed that the first ingredient in Cell Protection Balm is Petrolatum. Will it make me break out?
No, Petrolatum is a non comedogenic and biologically inert, meaning that it cannot harbor bacteria. In addition, GlyMed Plus always incorporates the highest grade of ingredients in all skin care products.

My skin care professional gave me Cell Protection Balm to use after a chemical peel, what is the benefit?
After an injury to your skin, including a chemical peel, the skin goes into a healing phase. Studies indicate that the skin will heal more efficiently and effectively when it is in an aqueous state. Cell Protection Balm creates a barrier on newly peeled skin, protecting and maintaining water levels within the skin to allow better healing.

Can Cell Protection Balm help my psoriasis?
Yes, first apply Cell Protection Serum to reintroduce essential skin lipids, then follow with Ultra Hydro Gel to restore water content and finish with Cell Protection Balm to seal the skin.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?
Yes this product is safe to use during pregnancy/nursing. In fact, this healing balm is preferred by nursing mothers to care for irritation brought on by breastfeeding and is safe for consumption. Any age/health restrictions on usage (ie: safe for babies and children, frail skin, etc).

Recommended For

Cell Protection Balm is recommended for all skin types. Great for post-procedure, for extra dry, itchy skin, for chapped lips, or for skin irritations such as bug bites, rashes, scrapes, and small burns.

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