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Microneedling Refills (2pk)

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Microneedling at-home daily supports younger-looking skin.

How to Use

Section face off into four areas: forehead, cheeks, lips & chin, neck. Roll vertically 2-3 times per section. Roll horizontally 2-3 times per section. Roll diagonally 2-3 times per section.

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With the right corrective serums, MicroNeedling will brighten your skin to create a youthful glow that you can’t get from other products or at-home treatments. The fact is even if you spent most of your life slathered in sunscreen, you might still begin to notice dark spots and wrinkles popping up. The StackedSkincare MicroNeedling Tool was created to work with your skin and speed up its natural regeneration timeline to see gradual fading of dark spots and wrinkles within a few weeks.

  • Be Gentle

    Do NOT force the Microneedling Tool into the skin, but rather roll it back and forth over the entire treatment area using mild, even pressure.

  • don't use if

    Do not use the Microneedling Tool if you have any of the following conditions: irritated or infected skin, active acne, rosacea, or eczema.

  • Cleaning

    After using the Microneedling Tool, disinfect it using 91% alcohol. Simply spray the roller head and allow to fully dry before storing.

  • Storage

    To safely and hygienically store your Microneedling Tool, replace the roller head cap after disinfecting the tool and allowing to fully dry.